Sustainable Agriculture

Farm to Plate reconnects students to food production, farming and the natural environment. It helps to preserve natural resources while strengthening communities. Children are growing up not knowing where their food comes from – not just how food is produced but also how food is grown.


Agricultural in the Classroom (grade K­2): After listening to a story, students explore the food production process and participate in a STEM activity each quarter. All books will stay in the classrooms to encourage young readers to increase their vocabulary and knowledge.


  • Fall Reading Event: The book changes from year to year, with a focus on the Life Cycle of A Pumpkin!

  • Read Across America

    1. Show the Honey

    2. Oh Say Can You Seed?

    3.  Why Oh Why Are Deserts Dry?

  • Earth Day Reading Event: The book changes from year to year, with a focus on Earth Day!


Food Connections: Students investigate the process of growing food, and how it gets to our plate. Students will also receive a free Apple Ag Mag.

  1. Day #1 Where does food come from?

  2. Day #2 Clarabelle Making Milk and So Much More

  3. Day #3 Apple Graphing


Arizona Five C's: Students correlate Arizona C’s cattle, cotton, citrus, copper and climate to the regions agriculture areas.

  1. Day #1 Agriculture Bingo

  2. Day #2 Food Supply Chain & AZ Grown Bar Graph

  3. Day #3 Cotton & Cattle Grammar