Water Stewardship

  • 5th grade “Connections” This three day program builds connections between Physical Water & Nature. Students will explore the many phases of water from a world view perspective by reading “A Drop Around the World” author, Barbara McKinney. After completing the story students participate in a STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math) activity to understand the many uses of water around the world. A trip to Dead Horse Ranch State Park includes H2Olympics, determining flow (CFS) of Hickey Ditch, and a riparian ecosystem nature walk lead by park rangers.

  • 6th grade “Ground Water” Students understand the link between groundwater and surface water by interacting with a groundwater model, creating a class groundwater model and designing maps displaying all the watersheds in Arizona. Students even create a room size map of the Verde Watershed. Following classroom instructions, students will visit “Big Springs” in Clarkdale, AZ, a natural flowing ground water spring, and Tuzigoot NP where park rangers lead students on an educational walk through Tavasci Marsh and surrounding riparian ecosystem.

  • 7th grade “Top Ten Wanted Dead & Alive Species” provides highly motivating lessons to educate students about the economic, social, and ecological impact of native and invasive species in the Verde River Watershed. Students create “Wanted” and “Found” posters, and venture on a field trip to Montezuma Well to see and understand the impact of invasive species on our natural world.

  • 8th grade “Properties of Water” Students understand how the health and quality of a river affects all water users including human, agriculture, animal, and industry by providing students with the opportunity to perform onsite chemical tests of the water. After touring a waste water treatment plant students learn of the many mandatory quality control standards as well as the many career opportunities. Students also demonstrate how everyone contributes to the pollution of a river as it flows through a watershed and recognize that through individual and group action, the amount of pollution can be reduced.