Water Stewardship

  • 5th grade “Connections” field trip builds connections between Physical Water & Nature. Students will explore the many phases of water from a world view perspective by reading “A Drop Around the World” author, Barbara McKinney. After completing the story students participate in a STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math) activity to understand the many uses of water around the world. A trip to Dead Horse Ranch State Park includes H2Olympics, determining flow (CFS) of Hickey Ditch, and a riparian ecosystem nature walk lead by park rangers.

  • 6th grade “Ground Water” field trip is where students understand the link between groundwater and surface water by interacting with the Verde Valley Discovery Centers Groundwater & Giant Watershed models & becoming Watershed Managers. Afterwards students will visit “Big Springs” in Clarkdale, AZ, a natural flowing ground water spring, and Tuzigoot NP where park rangers lead students on an educational walk through Tavasci Marsh and surrounding riparian ecosystem.

  • 7th grade “Top Ten Wanted Dead & Alive Species”  TBA

  • 8th grade “Properties of Water” field trip students learn how the health and quality of a river affects all water users including human, agriculture, animal, and industry by providing students with the opportunity to perform onsite chemical tests of the water. After touring a waste water treatment plant students learn of the many mandatory quality control standards as well as the many career opportunities. Students also demonstrate how everyone contributes to the pollution of a river as it flows through a watershed and recognize that through individual and group action, the amount of pollution can be reduced.